Tion Design Launches Bridal Faux Fur Collection 2014 locally run in Minneapolis, Twin Cities
The launch of the 2015 Tion Design Faux Fur Contemporary Collection is winning applause from the fashion world with its unrivaled combination of craftsmanship, innovation and carefully selected materials.

March 1, 2007 -- The influential Tion Design brand has become synonymous with stylish faux fur stoles and wraps, and the latest range seems set to build on the success of previous collections thanks to a host of new creations.

The Tion Design Contemporary Collection 2007 showcases the timeless appeal of premium Europe Fashion; classically famed for its supple, yet hardwearing nature. This new range of stylish and finest furs reaffirms Tion Design as a leading name in fashionable design by fusing durability with indulgent finery.

Blending the finest faux fur products with over 500 patterns of traditional sewing methods, Tion Design faux fur stoles are hand crafted to original designs and exude an inimitable quality and elegance recognised throughout the market.

Tion Design faux fur stoles have an established reputation at the cutting edge of chic designs among the growing number of fashionable customers to experience the timeless style.
Dedicated to excellence with an attention to detail, Tion Design is committed to creating faux fur stoles of outstanding quality and pride themselves on the satisfaction of each and every customer.